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Sep 20 2013

Lucid dreaming. both of these techniques allow for a conscious being to raise their frequencey or vibration enough to leave the physical universe. This is commonly known as the astral plane, where the isbe in true spirit form seperates from the body and is free to explore

Sep 20 2013

The theory of the universe. (simplified version) We (humans) are not strictly physical beings. We are not a body with a soul,but a soul inhabiting a body. The soul, (conscious energy) cannot simply be created by a physical object such as the brain. We (conscious energy) have always existed, since the physical universe was created billions of years ago. The physical universe that we know came into existence when multiple individual conscious energies conbined their own universes to create what we know as the physical universe. This universe is infinitely expanding Due to the fact that all that the universe is is the conbined thoughts of an almost infinite amount of different conscious energies. Consious energy can be described as an IS BE, or an Immortal Spiritual Being. An is be IS, because it chooses to BE. The idea that the human brain, a collec tion of cells nerves and tissue, purely physical matter can somehow magically create consciousness is absurd. Consciousness cannot be created in the physical universe. It has to come from somewhere else. *somewhere else…where is somewhere else? To think that (our) physical universe is the only singular universe is also highly unlikely. Our universe exists at a base frequency. Everything inside the physical universe vibrates within this base frequency. If something vibrates higher or lower then our universes base frequency, then it will ascend or descend to a new universe. An example of this is astral projection or lucid dr